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  • Overview - Creating Value using Industrial Design

  • 6 Fields of Value created with Design

  • Industrial Design delivers functional benefits

  • positive user experience for professional tools

  • adequate appearance raises acceptance for technical solutions

  • good design gets the right balance between cost an quality

Services - Design Value

Creating value using Industrial Design

Added value through design can be achieved in a business at project level as well as on a superordinate, strategic level.

Strategic application - design management, design thinking and design research - requires a far-sighted view of the longer term that also promises exceptional performance. Application of industrial design at project level also presents many different opportunities for value added in the short and medium term.

In our experience, investment in industrial design pays out very quickly. Depending on the project, the value added of our development work can cover up to 6 different areas. Our work is often profitable through appreciation in value in one of these areas alone.

Our services produce significant results for our clients. The share that a compelling design has in the success of a product or the value of a brand, can be determined from this.

Our services produce significant results for our clients. If you would like to find out more, arrange an appointment for a face-to-face discussion.


examples of added value using industrial design (PDF)