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  • planning processes

  • "Even in technical fields emotional factors are important for the purchase decision"

  • Designsketches of VITRONIC VIROwsi

  • Prototypes of injection molded parts


20 years of designs for capital goods and professional products

Rules for marketing capital goods and professional products are different to those for consumer goods. Buyers are not the same as ‘users’, which makes marketing these kinds of products more complex. Other mechanisms are at work in the purchase decision, but design also plays a crucial role.

In our work, which focuses on capital goods / professional products, we have developed a profound understanding of this rather indirect effect of industrial design.

Products for professional use are usually dominated by technical and peripheral features and the small number of units manufactured often plays a crucial role.

This means that thorough technical understanding is fundamental for our design work. We develop innovative, functional solutions with a convincing look and feel for tricky projects.