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  • Graduate of GROW Cross Agency Program 2016

  • external design management consulting

  • evolution of a design language for VITRONIC

  • devolpment of an iduvidual design strategy

  • as/ design compass tool

  • as/ design level tool

Services - Design Management

Strategic design - the route to a brand’s success

Business areas, brand values and innovations - design management combines business objectives with expenditure on design. In our work, product design is usually the starting point for strategic alignment of all design activities within the business. The result is then, for example, a clear, authentic appearance of the brand with a strong inward and outward effect.

We help our customers to plan and take the right steps. Well-organised design management makes design activities efficient and effective. The ratio between expenditure and returns is just right.

Design management integrates design into the company as an interdisciplinary process. Our role is to design a process that involves all stakeholders and their interests. We rely on experience gained from a wide variety of different design projects for this.

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