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  • Ergonomic study for handheld device

  • Concept study handheld camera

  • positive user experience for professional tools

  • Design concept for heavy duty wrench

  • operating waterfilter system

  • Handling waterfilter cartridge

  • Language-independent function label

  • Layout operating elements

Services - User Concepts

User Experience - Usability

Persuasive products meet or exceed their users’ expectations, expectations that have increased in our digital age. In addition to reliable, high-performance hardware, buyers now expect ‘smart products’ that offer additional value through comfort and service.

Our product design is generally aimed at an all-round, positive user experience. Our design work mainly focuses on handling new products in order to plan, test and design in detail new functionalities. We often work on improving user-friendliness of existing products with a new, user-orientated design.

An intelligent user concept encompasses the user’s emotional needs and expectations, as well as their psychological prerequisites, and draws up a combination of user guidance to suit, from hardware, software and services. User experience offers considerable potential for boosting customer satisfaction and brand value.

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