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Innovation / Strategy

Thinking into the future – developing design strategies

Identifying future fields of action in good time and developing new strategies based on them is the key to acting successfully. Consciously shaping the future requires a clear picture of the possible options. So that you can see what is possible - we are your contact for innovation topics and design strategy.

Our packages for easy entry into a future-proof design strategy:


Future workshop (entry)

You want to actively shape the future of your company. What business models could emerge in the future? Which innovations are really the future, which trend is actually significant for my company? Together we develop approaches for future fields of action.


Innovation workshop (entry level)

What opportunities and challenges arise for my company. Identify relevant subject areas, discover promising approaches. Tailored to your questions, we approach future development topics.


Strategy development

Which areas are relevant to your design strategy? How can you gradually build an effective strategy for your company? Together with you we develop a design strategy for your company.


ordering services

Are you interested in our service packages? A short email is enough. We would be happy to advise you on your wishes by telephone or video call.


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