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  • PRIMO – XL built-in housing

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House Technic

PRIMO – XL built-in housing

Product family for electrical installation in concrete construction

The PRIMO XL product family is optimized for electrical installation in concrete construction. It is suitable for all components from lights to loudspeakers to other built-in devices.
Improved resilience and the best possible support for installation work were the focus of development.
The XL product family is the flagship of the brand. A new color scheme, the design language with dynamic lines, taut surfaces and the concise use of the trademark stand for the character of the brand and are a consistent further development of existing PRIMO products

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bathroom radiator - urban

Design concept for bathroom radiators

Urban is a product family of bathroom radiators with additional benefits. In addition to the classic function as a towel holder, Urban can be equipped with storage elements and mirrors. A heated mirror proves to be extremely practical in the bathroom...
The central design feature is the U-shaped tubular frame, which breaks up the strict horizontal row of the tubes and gives the product a flowing, playful character through the opposing offset.
The material mix of powder-coated pipes and wooden storage elements fits perfectly into a bright, modern bathroom with a natural atmosphere.