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  • KonKav - room divider system

  • KonKav - Design Sketch

  • Oui - Bistro Chair

  • Oui - Design Sketch

furniture / office

KonKav – room divider system

Modular system for room dividers / shelves / counters

With the KonKav modular system, different elements for the division of office space can be created. The basic elements of the system are concave metal sheets, which give the system stability through their internal stress. The whole system can be put together without tools and can be expanded with shelves to form a piece of storage furniture.
KonKav creates privacy while maintaining an open, friendly environment in the workplace.


Bistro chair - Oui

seating furniture

A flat "O" is deformed into a three-dimensional "U". The result: A dynamic molded wood curve that invites you to sit and relax.