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  • Orbit - Pour Over Coffee Set

  • Orbit - Pour Over Coffee Set

  • Genius – salad bowls and salad servers

  • Genius – salad bowls and salad servers

household / kitchen

Orbit - Pour Over Coffee Set

Set for the stylish preparation of filter coffee.

Orbit is a set for coffee lovers who want to take coffee preparation into their own hands.
The set consists of a classic cup filter with a matching coffee mug and a drip tray. It is rounded off by a small kettle and a matching wooden tray.
The central design feature of the Orbit product family is the horizontal ring, which corresponds to the circular recess in the handle. An elegant swing characterizes all elements of the family and gives this classic preparation method a contemporary touch.
A special customer-specific signet can be applied to the distinctive areas of the handles. This allows the set to be individualized, e.g. for cafés or coffee roasters.


Genius – salad bowls and salad servers

Set with 2 different bowls and a salad server

The set is characterized by its two-tone material combination. The inside, bright white, shiny inside is covered on the outside by a colored, transparent plastic layer. The bright color variants create a cheerful atmosphere, and all the food comes into its own naturally thanks to the white inside.
The bowls are characterized by elegant proportions. The horizontally oriented ring contours that overlap between the plastic layers give the bowls a lively, sweeping appearance.
The matching salad servers are particularly comfortable to hold.