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  • XENON - in Frankfurt am Main

  • XENON - Design Sketch

  • Tourist guidance system for municipalities

  • Drawing - Modular signpost and information system

Projects - Public Design

Waiting halls for public transport

The concept for the XENON waiting room system was created in 1998 as part of a series of five designs for DSM as the client. Frankfurt am Main was one of the first cities in which the appearance of public transport was modernized on a large scale with XENON. The system now shapes the cityscape in numerous German cities.
The simple structure of the supports and the transparent surface elements contribute to the open effect. Openness means that XENON does not push itself to the fore, but enters into a dialogue with the surrounding urban space - an attitude that we believe is indispensable for street furniture.
Photos courtesy of Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG


Tourist guidance system for municipalities

Modular signpost and information system

The tourist guidance system was specially designed for signage in narrow old town areas. It informs visitors about the sights and signposts - visible from afar - provide orientation.
The modular system with signage and directional arrows includes an orientation system with colour-coded city zones, specially adapted pictograms and numbered landmarks.
Good legibility and distinguishability from other signage systems in the city are important features. Building elements and graphics allow the visual customization of the signage to meet the needs of each community.