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  • XENON - flexible modules

  • XENON - dynamic city scenes

  • XENON - first 3D construction

  • XENON - in Frankfurt am Main 1

  • XENON - in Frankfurt am Main 2

  • XENON - in Frankfurt (Paulskirche)

Projects - Public Design

Public Transport Shelter System XENON

The idea for the XENON waiting room system came into being back in 1998 as part of a series of five drafts for the client DSM. Frankfurt am Main was one of the first cities where XENON extensively modernised the appearance of local public transport. The system now characterises the urban landscape of numerous German cities.

The simple structure of the supports and the transparent panel elements contribute to the open effect. Openness means that XENON does not make itself the centre of attention, but harmonises with the urban environment - a style that I think is essential for urban furnishings.

XENON is one of the design lines of Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG. If you would like to find out more about the product, visit the XENON website.

Photos with kind permission from
Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG