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  • Rendering of VITRONIC VIRO WSI

  • Designsketches of VITRONIC VIRO WSI

  • Designing WIWA airless 270

  • Rendering WIWA airless 270

  • Full scale modell Type SC-KWT, WEISS Umwelttechnik

  • SC-KWT

  • Modell Handheld device control

  • Handheld device control

Services - Industrial Design

Developing design concepts, designing industrial products and getting them ready for series production

Persuasive design taps the pulse of the target group. As industrial designers, we have all the equipment we need to design your products appropriately, aesthetically and attractively.

This works best if our clients involve us in the development process early on. For our long-standing customers, we work on development projects in several stages, usually from the initial idea to series production.

Our design developments begin with a thorough analysis in order to set objectives. Working together closely with the client, we develop suitable ideas for design and function and use them to come up with design concepts. Choosing the most promising concept is an important milestone on the way to a successful product.

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience of materials and production processes to make this journey as smooth as possible.

We will be happy to make you the right offer for your project. Just give us a call:
+49 6431 971 69 61