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What you should definitely know about industrial design:

Industrial design - used correctly - enables companies to gain a decisive advantage over the competition. We have put together a few tips and information here that may be helpful.


Industrial design... is a matter of trust

The development projects we work on are usually very important for our clients. It is therefore important to establish a trusting, partnership-based relationship with all decision-makers and project managers.

Design partner, client and project must fit together.


Industrial Design... Innovation and business model are our themes

Innovation is our core competence.
With every new project, we research current trends and outline future scenarios.
Whether it's about materials, social changes, environmental issues or digitization - we operate at the cutting edge and plan tomorrow's future today.


Industrial design… financially always a win

It has been proven that investments in design are particularly profitable. Our practice shows that even individual design projects can bring significant profits.
If investments in design are also used at a strategic level, the potential for added value can be significantly expanded.


Industrial design... to make your customers happy

In our work, the focus is on people. We deal with the emotional needs, expectations and psychological requirements of the user and design a combination of hardware, software and services that is tailored to the user interface. The so-called user experience (UX) offers great potential for increasing customer satisfaction and thus brand value.

Happy customers - better business.


5 tips for using industrial design effectively

In our experience, the following tips have proven useful when companies want to use industrial design particularly successfully.

/ Design belongs at management level
/ Make sure you have professional expertise
/ Be sure to develop a long-term strategy
/ Establish metrics for design success
/ Start with small pilot projects

Examples of added value through industrial design


FAQ - industrial design

Want to know more? Take a look at our FAQ List on designleistung.de
(Sorry - actually only in german language).