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  • Test Rig for Corrosion Change Tests, Type SC-KWT

  • SC-KWT product family

  • SC-KWT control panel

  • Front view SC-KWT 1000

  • Design - Concept machine frame

  • Design Sketch of the user concept

Projects - Industry

Test rigs for corrosion change tests

In 2014 we were commissioned with the design for the new corrosive change testers from Weiss Umwelttechnik. SC KWT 1000 is the high-performance successor to a product range that has been around for 20 years. The new generation offers a larger test chamber volume and more space for extra technology and more comfortable handling.

Overall, the new design creates a clear, contemporary impression. The new SC series is immediately identifiable in the market environment as a Weiss brand product.

We have designed a modular chassis system for the new generation. Our concept enables the chassis to be successfully adapted to specific customer requirements. Linear expansion of the system is also feasible.

We were able to considerably improve user-friendliness in comparison to the previous model. It is much easier to clean and maintain the components that carry salt water. Salt water stocks are now replenished by changing a mobile stock container.