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  • embroidery maschine ZSK sprint8

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  • line camera VITRONIC VICAM3s

  • VICAM3s - design sketch

Industry / Logistics

ZSK - Sprint8

Single head embroidery machine 18 needles

The SPRINT 8 is a spectacular eye-catcher for showrooms, studios and shops. It is the embroidery machine for every situation in which functionality and sophisticated design are not mutually exclusive.
The 18 needles of the SPRINT 8 enable a high degree of efficiency, creativity and perfection. The increased number of needles increases yarn availability, thereby reducing downtime.
The SPRINT 8 is equipped with the fast ZSK color change as standard.
A reinforced frame, extra strong springs and modified levers for perfect thread feed are just a few of the components that enable heights of up to 8 mm in 3D embroidery with the SPRINT 8.

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Line scan camera for parcel logistics

The VICAM 3S sets new standards in data acquisition for the logistics industry. The all-in-one line scan camera has an extremely high line frequency and the largest focus range on the market. Bar codes and 2D codes on parcels, large letters or polybags are read reliably even at high conveying speeds of up to 4.5 m/s.
The design of the VICAM3s divides the camera into two functional areas, which are separated from each other by the central cooling profile. The area with the integrated industrial PC can be easily opened for maintenance tasks. The optical components are located separately in the front area and are therefore reliably protected against unintentional contamination.
The VICAM3s is by far the most compact camera in its segment and can easily be carried by one person.

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