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  • VITRONIC TollChecker; Picture by: VITRONIC, Fotograf: Stefan Gröpper

  • Design Sketch VITRONIC TollChecker

  • VITRONIC Enforcement Trailer

  • Design Sketch Enforcement Trailer

traffic engineering

VITRONIC - TollChecker

Tolling and license plate recognition system

VITRONIC's tolling and number plate recognition systems for moving traffic are based on a modular platform that combines 30 years of technological development with experience from global traffic projects.
The system has a modular structure from standardized subsystems and is easy to configure. This not only speeds up commissioning, but also optimizes operating costs, for example through simplified maintenance work. All system components have to withstand extreme environmental conditions over the years.

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VITRONIC -Enforcement Trailer

Traffic monitoring flexible and autonomous

The VITRONIC Enforcement Trailer – very well known, but not really popular everywhere.
The enforcement trailer has an extensive track record. The effectiveness of flexible, autonomous traffic monitoring is shown in corresponding studies. This effectiveness and the efficient, diverse application options have made the device with its unmistakable appearance a success story for VITRONIC. We not only designed the outer shell for the trailer, but also developed the design for the built-in measurement technology.

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