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  • Innovation / Strategy

  • Creating Identity for Brands and Companies

  • Product Development from Idea to Production

  • Leading Design Activities


Services at a glance

So that you can see how we can support you in your project, we have divided our services into fields of action and sections that - building on one another - lead you to the desired result.

We will be happy to make you suggestions that are suitable for your task and you then decide which packages you want to book and the scope of the project.

To see if our cooperation works well, we have put together special introductory packages. With manageable effort, we process suitable subtasks for your project. You can see how the cooperation works and also receive valuable input for your project. Further project phases can then be jointly built on these results.

Our fields of work:


Innovation / Strategy

Thinking into the future – developing design strategies



Create Identity

Creating identity – giving expression to brands and companies



Product Design

Designing products – developing sustainable, future-proof products and services



Design Consulting

Leading Design Activities – Creative Leadership / Supervision



ordering services

Are you interested in our service packages? A short email is enough. We would be happy to advise you on your wishes by telephone or video call.